Saturday, October 16, 2010

Square Dancing, Camphill, and giveaway winner!

Last night, we trekked 60 miles to Kimberton Waldorf school to attend a square dancing party!
The drive down allowed us time to enjoy the changing of leaves and the beautiful pink sunset....

The school auditorium was filled with students and parents of all ages....the band warmed up as we looked around...
I appreciated the steiner-esque reconstruction of the auditorium stage....the right angle really is so harsh and rigid, afterall!
I also loved the soothing effects of Lazure...especially in a gym!!
*sorry for the fuzzy photos...there was so much movement and my camera isn't the greatest!*
"Now break and balance all.
Allemande left and a right and left all.
Meet your partner, swing her once and a half,
Keep a-hookin' on for a hour and a half.
Swing her high and swing her low.
Turn her loose and on you go.
Now you're right, now you're wrong,
Promenade your partner, all go home...."

...yes. It took us some time to catch on. But after we did, it was SO MUCH FUN! My legs are tight today!
W was my faithful dance partner for most of the night....
The evening was a joy. But the highlight for me was meeting the residents of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. Camphill villages are communities that nurture adults and children with developmental disabilities through handwork, farming, cooking, and acting as stewards to the land. Founded by pediatrician Karl Konig, the Camphill Movement is inspired by anthroposophy—the philosophy, world view, and spiritual path of Rudolf Steiner....yet another reason for me to respect this man. Viewing the human being as a beautiful spirit, despite physical limitations...this is a call for social change made decades ago! I hope people are listening....imagine if schools everywhere adopted this holistic form of special education...

I danced with a handful of the Camphill Residents throughout the evening....they were some of the happiest people I have ever met. They danced with such life and excitement! Besides W, my dance partner for the evening was a delightfully pink-haired girl from Camphill named Iris. Every time we returned to each other during the dancing, she was all smiles and happiness. She exclaimed many times how happy she was! This was the general feeling, and I enjoyed each moment until it was time to go home.
It really was an amazing evening, which left me to my thoughts for the drive home. The life we give our children is so important. What we surround them with, how we teach them to treat others, how we react. You are life itself, and it is matter who you are, or how you dance.
The winner of the stockmar crayons....drumroll....
Hallie from Our Broken Road!!!
Yay Hallie! Send me an email with your address so I can send you your gift:)
...and..if anyone is interested in swapping knitted longies for a felted playscape, let me know:)
Mr. W needs some cuddly pants!
Love to all:)


  1. love this post of yours....infact i love all ur posts....u have a very happy and developed soul....every time i read ur blog i get a new lesson to learn..thanks..i love the efforts u r puttin in bringin up ur child.

  2. How fun! I have a friend who works in a community like the one you just described. I wish there were more places like this....truly wonderful.

  3. ummm, ME!! i would love to trade hand knit woolies for a beautiful play scape ♥ shoot me a message if you are interested!

  4. I know dancing like this - tell you what, our ancestors were in a smacking better state of physical fitness than we are, to have danced up a storm this way. Did you name your blog after the Frost poem?

  5. WOW! That sounds ike a really great night, put asmile on my face just reading about it. You look lovely in your pretty dress too. Congrats Hallie!!

  6. A wonderful post! I haven't had a chance to square dance since high school gym class :) I'm inspired by the fact that you are connecting with your Waldorf community even though your little one is so small. I always stick to the internet Waldorf stuff, and your post has made me say "no more excuses!" We live near a beautiful Waldorf school, and they probably have open events as well. I'm going to check it out!

  7. Looks as if you had the most delightful evening! What a beautiful gym. As a parent of disabled children I truly appreciate the work behind the Camphill movement. I love the happy look on your face. What fun!

  8. You are reminding me of of when I was little and in Brownies and we had a Father Daughter Square Dance night. Oh my goodness, it was so great.

    And what a wonderful night for you, and a beautiful place to be able to visit, to share special times with.

    (And more of what I am happy to be writing back to you about, lots of Waldorf love, and other happy things. I know you will understand that I am just a little slow at computer things sometimes.) xo

  9. What a fun time together. I love that shot of the three of your. Ya'll are such beautiful family. :-)

  10. Hello there Rebecca

    Busy making your Christmas decorations. I know its early but would rather get them too you. I am making something so sweet tonight. I will blog them and will add to your parcel. I have Karl Konig's camphill book and too feel so in awe of the nuturing and spiritual take on life. I have very happy , content spiritual, soulful children through following the Waldorf philosophy. From our daily lives to our teaching our children all feels so good.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and that you find'W' his little pair of pants. One of the Waldorf festival books has a pattern for knitted pants. I don't think the pattern is too difficult either.

    Warm regards

  11. That looks so much fun for the body, mind and spirit! What a wonderful village. We are looking for, possibly creating, a village like this for our child who lives with autism. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. I dearly wish that we had a Camphill community in our area. To celebrate and honour ALL abilities is such a powerful gift to all of humankind.


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