Thursday, July 15, 2010

Around Town: Bethlehem Farmers Market

Add to the list yet one more thing I love about summer: local farmers markets! It seems that there is one nearly every day of the week around here! My personal favorite is the Easton Farmers Market on Saturday has become a sort of a weekly family tradition. A great venue that boasts the title of America’s oldest continuous open-air market...258 years and counting! I'm not joking! Here's a vintage photo of the market grounds...

Alas, today is Thursday, and these little piggies made their way down to the Bethlehem market, grandma in tow. We saw some adorable alpacas (sadly, no roving for sale...), smelled homemade soaps, attempted to hurry past the baked goods, and purchased produce from the local "chemical free" farmer...
These beautiful berries reminded me of juicy little gems! Our family is powered by organic foods, and the difference in taste is SO remarkable when it comes to summer berries especially...
We stopped for lunch at local burrito joint 'Tulum'. Famous for their "Beth Mex" (a play on words while cleverly sneaking in the name of our town!), they surely did not disappoint. W showed his love for guacamole while I lamented over what to chose from the chalkboard menu looming over my head...
Hope this post finds you well, friends...enjoy the day!


  1. I always want to go to the farmers market in Bethlehem, but it never works out. Very hard to get out at the right time with 3 kids... :(


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